The Pros and Cons of Courtesy Cars

There are some pros and cons to taking out an insurers courtesy car. You may be entitled to a courtesy car from your insurer or the 3rd party insurer. It often is often these days through a 3rd party. They won’t make any money unless they get you to do this so they are keen to get you one. The cost is passed on to the insurer and eventually puts up premiums. So consider that you could use our courtesy car so long as you ask your own insurance company if they will cover it. Often they will at no extra charge and you will be doing the nation of drivers a service.
We do not charge you to use our courtesy car and we also can pick up your car from your home depending. Talk to us to find out more.
One thing could be that the 3rd party car hire company is asking you to insure their car on your own premium! Now why should you do that? When you last rented a car did they ask you to insure the hire car on your own premium? It is always a good idea to minimise the changes you make to your own insurance policy- this is one good reason to not get a hire car.